Keep zen and try again

“Keep zen and try again.” In my music career, I made some good calls and I made some bad calls. And I sometimes made choices in favor of my truth and sometimes I made choices in hopes of pleasing others. Every time, when I look at my mistakes, I say, “Keep zen and try again.” That actually came because my computer crashed. And I was going to tear my hair out. But now I implement it in all different places in my life. —MILCK, singer-songwriter

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Practice is held every Thursday evening at the New Ark United Church of Christ, 300 E. Main St, Newark, DE 19711.


Practice begins at 7:00pm with a short orientation for beginners, followed by chanting. We then have two 25 minute periods of sitting meditation with a 10 minute period of walking meditation in between.

Beginners are encouraged to attend the free Meditation Instruction session offered the first Thursday of each month at 7:00pm

There is no fee to attend our practice, you do not have to be a member.


Monkey Mind Zen,

is a new DVZC satellite.

The group meets in Philadelphia.

For information about their practice visit: